YFC accomplishes it's mission with these local ministry programs and global ministry initiatives. Read more to find out how you can give life to your story!

  • Campus Life serves as an outreach to non-christian students while giving Christian students the opportunity to reach their friends for Christ. Campus Life focuses on the whole person, challenging students mentally,  physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    Through our weekly club meetings, small group times, one-on-one discipleship and trips & events students are challenged to think about God’s perspective and what it means to walk with Him in a personal relationship.

    Campus Life not represented at your school? Talk to us about getting one started so that no student walks alone! Contact maj@nepayfc.com

    Keep current and check out the Northeast Pennsylvania Campus Life clubs website! www.nepacampuslife.com

  • Formerly known as Teen Parents

    Seeking to share the love of Christ with teen moms and dads in Scranton.

    Check out the article on our PARENT LIFE group in our loacal Scranton Times!! Great job Alyne Scartelli and a big group of great volunteers!

    For more info: Call 570.343.4323 and ask follow the extension for Parent Life.

    Parent Life program is a  ministry to teen mothers and fathers. Since 2008, this ministry has exploded into a thriving program help to young families in need. The ministry helps to express God’s love through one-on-one discipleship, large group meetings and supplying for these young families in a tangible way.

    The ministry has even developed a partnership allowing us to serve the Scranton School District’s School-Age Mothers program through assisting teaching on values and choices. 

  • Sharing the love of Jesus through empowering students to make a difference in their community and world!

    Project Serve Missions Trips are designed to open the eyes of our students, broadening their perspective of life outside their own culture. YFC partners with chapters around the world and other ministries to give students the chance to get outside their comfort zone and serve others.

    Through raising support, building relationships with team members at home and across the world and serving others the students’ paradigms are being challenged spiritually and physically to truly understand what it means to live with purpose! Interested in partnering with us? Contact maj@nepayfc.com

  • A new ministry under Youth for Christ.

    The purpose of College Life is to raise a generation of young adults to be leaders in their church, community, and world that will spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. To accomplish that goal, College Life focuses on building strong relationships, discussing real and relevant life issues, on-on-one discipleship, as well as helping students physically, spiritually and emotionally through their years at university. Students can expect to be challenged spiritually and to build long-lasting relationships, while having lots of fun in the process! It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from or what you believe, you're always welcome at College Life.

    For more information about College Life or to get involved, you can email Nick Forrester, College Life Director, at nick@nepayfc.com.

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